Janice Mineer is known as 

“The Gingerbread Lady!"

An expert in gingerbread house construction, Janice has created a plethora of
gingerbread houses. Janice was the creative genius behind an eight
foot tall gingerbread house as a fundraiser for her local Ronald
McDonald House. In addition, Janice spearheaded the Gingerbread
House Contest for the Ronald McDonald House for five years. She has
appeared on television and inspired the creative delight of gingerbread
architects both young and old.

When Janice’s first husband died in 1989, she was left with a six year
old daughter to raise on her own. The love of friends and family
members flowed into their lives, strengthening Janice's conviction of
the value of service to others. “The power of working together in a
spirit of fun to help and heal those around us can lift those who help
and those in need,” Janice says.

The child who learns to care about others benefits by discovering their
own personal skills and finding inner strength. Such service also
helps them to lead a more balanced life and appreciate and enjoy the
things they have. Creating a gingerbread house with a child in an
attitude of service helps create not only a charming confection, but
can also create an important connection with others.
“A kind deed is a sweet gift from the heart,” Janice says.

Janice lives in Montana with her husband Randy, where in the winter
houses often look like gingerbread houses covered with frosting. She
loves making fantasy gingerbread houses with her grandchildren.


Janice with the eight foot tall gingerbread house created for the Ronald McDonald House in Missoula, Montana. The enormous confection project was spearheaded by Janice.

Janice Mineer With  her mentors, Best Selling Authors Robert Allen and Richard Paul Evans

Janice and her beloved dog, Kita, a Shiba Inu the color of gingerbread!



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